Swami Anahata

Soulmate Training for Couples


Experience a full transformation of your relationship — from cellmates to soulmates.


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7 Level Training

Soulmate training for couples is one of best option when it comes to enjoying fulfilling sex, deepen intimacy, expand love and awakening of consciousness. It is designed to provide you with information, education, experiences and guidance to transform ordinary lovers into Soulmates.

A Tantra Essence workshop Developed by Ma Ananda Sarita





The best guideline is simple, follow your joy. During this training you will experience:


This seven level training is taught in a sequential order, offering methods and practices. The dynamic in the group includes tantra meditations, rituals, massage, biodynamic breath work, sharing, emotional release, body movement, energy work and tantric lovemaking. Couples in the privacy of their bedroom experience sexual union meditation which varies in each level. During this seven levels, you will always be working in your own couple.

After completion of each level, lovers are asked to practice a series of tantric lovemaking practice at home to continue enriching your connection and keeping your sexual life ongoing. After completion of each level, couples can decide whether to continue to the next step or not. This training can be booked one level at a time.

  • Purging stagnation from your relationship

  • Wholehearted, receptive communication

  • Healing sexual dysfunctions

  • Harmony of the male-female polarities

  • Experiencing orgasms in all seven chakras

  • Make love for more than 2 hours

  • Peaks and Valley orgasm

  • Ritual "marriage of the body."

  • Conservation of semen for men

  • Union of Child and Adult in you