Swami Anahata

Sex to Superconsciousness


A Universal Tantra Journey Through the 7 Chakras


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7 Level Training

A Tantra Essence workshop Developed by Ma Ananda Sarita

This workshop offers an experiential exploration of our chakra system. Understanding and opening the chakras are of paramount importance for any seeker traveling on the path of Tantra. Once the energy is starting to flow freely through Chakra system, you will begin to experience ecstasy in everyday life. You will feel fully aligned with your purpose to co-create a life that you are meant to be living. You will be empowered in your work, relationship and communicate your truth moment by moment.


After completing all seven weekends you will receive a certificate.





Explore Each of the Chakras

This workshop consists of 7 weekends each dedicated to one chakra at a time. You don't have to attend it any particular order, just take a jump when any of your chakras need your attention. We will be using tantric meditation, breath, dance, message, partner exercises, sharing and emotional release to support us in our journey from Sex to Superconsciousness.


Learn intimate details about each Chakra's workshop below.


1. Muladhara


When out of balance: Greed, Sex Addiction, Jealousy, No Libido

In Balance: Ecstatic pleasure in sex and a feeling of being grounded, secure, trusting, with a strong life force.

Muladhara chakra is a positive polarity in men and a receptive polarity in women. During the first chakra weekend, we unveil the power of our original life force energy. We allow the dormant energy of this chakra to wake up using body movement, partner exercise, breath, massage and boundary assertion. Once this is done, you can start feeling grounded in your decision around safety, money, and sexuality.

  • Grounded & rooted in the body
  • Feeling safe & secure around the subject of money and abundance
  • Feeling powerful, vital and alive
  • Reclaiming your sexual empowerment
  • Feeling ecstatic pleasure in sex
  • Reestablishing your sexual polarities with your lover
  • Coming out of playing victim or small in front of opposite sex

2. Svadhisthana

The Sacral or Navel Centre


When out of Balance: Depression, hysteria.

In Balance: Joy and laughter; emotional fluidity, centeredness and in sexually, a sense of deep connection and profound orgasm

Svadhisthana is a positive polarity in women and a receptive polarity in men. On the 2nd Chakra weekend, we explore our emotional body by opening the fluidity of it. Once emotions are understood and accepted in all its colors,  Our Kundalini energy has the permission to be awakened. Svadhisthana is connected with our birth and death, and we have a lot of fear around these two. By accepting and facing it, we can learn to embrace all emotions as they are all by-product of fear of Death.

Key benefits of this workshop:

  • Being open to participating in life fully
  • Ability to accept change in life without any drama
  • Sharing your feelings with others with ease and relaxation
  • Connect with your Sensuality and Seductive qualities
  • Learn to ride the waves of emotions skilfully
  • Healing the trauma from Sex, Birth, and Death or
  • More aliveness and depth of orgasm in Sex due to emotional fluidity

3. Manipura

The Solar Plexus Center


 When out of Balance: Rigidity in thinking,  Following belief given by society, power over others, Inferiority or superiority. 

In Balance: In tune with your soul calling, Wisdom from life experiences, accepting contradiction of life playfulness and light-heartedness,  and in sexuality, experiences of ‘egolessness’ and full body orgasm

The third chakra is a positive polarity for men and a receptive polarity for women. During the 3rd Chakra weekend, we explore the marriage of the opposite in clarity of our awareness. Often inner conflict creates stress leading to inner and outer war. At this chakra, we are embarrassing the lesson we are learning on a global level. We also get to take life as play and become vast enough to contain its contradictions. This is the place where we assert our healthy individuality and rebellion.

Key benefits of this workshop:

  • Powerful transmission of union between powervulnerability
  • experience your limited belief to let go of it
  • A three-stage journey from Camel, Lion, and Child
  • release emotions around solar plexus resulting in long lasting sex
  • Explore and release your inner fire
  • Gain vitality and self-confidence
  • Find your true unique soul calling
  • Discover how to embrace and unite contradiction Letting go of beliefs and conditioning given by others

4. Anahata

The Heart Chakra


When out of balance: give way to grief, anger, jealousy, fear of betrayal, and hatred toward yourself and others.

In balance: flowing with love and compassion, you are quick to forgive, and you accept others and yourself.

The fourth chakra is a positive polarity for women and a receptive polarity for men. During this weekend we will first activate the energy around Heart Chakra and learn how to receive Love. Often we think that to receive the love we have to give it first but how can you give if you do not have it in the first place? So we start with healing wounds of love, melt away the protection created to avoid rejection. We explore what we think love is and how we receive and give love. This brings softness and forgiveness in our heart. Old pattern melts away, and a flood of fresh energy start rushing that overflow in what we experience as LOVE.

Key benefits of this workshop:

  • Experience how you as an individual give and receive Love
  • A powerful forgiveness ritual to heal wounds caused by opposite sex on collective level
  • Tibetan Atisha's Heart Meditation to cultivate compassion for self, others and towards the whole planet
  • Expanding our energy so to merge sex and love
  • Learn to have orgasm in the Heart Chakra

5. Vishuddah

The Throat Chakra


When out of Balance: Inability to express and create. Fear of power and fear of Ecstasy. Issues around father and feeling frustration, playing a victim. Not in tune with purpose in life.

In Balance: Feeling flow in creative expression, asserting the truth in service of all being. Becoming conduit of Source energy and co-create reality.

The 5th chakra is a positive polarity for men and a receptive polarity in women. The 5th Chakra weekend supports us in realizing our potential as a spiritual being.  When this chakra is in flow, we start to manifest our creative life that is in alignment with God. It is here where we start to have glimpses of disillusion of ego and union of our masculine and femininity. 

Key benefits of this workshop:

  • Opening your full creative expression through speech and day to day living
  • Learning to start living your truth which may be not what others wants you to live
  • Exploring your unique skills and aligning it to create joyin and around you
  • Finding and aligning your top goals with your energy
  • Shamanic journey through dance to create abundance in your life

6. Ajna

The Third Eye Chakra


When out of Balance: Spiritual sleepiness, fear of death, insomnia, Inability to dive deep into meditation,

In Balance: Clear sense of direction in life, Clairvoyance, and physic opening feeling of oneness between body and soul, A deep desire to meditate.

The 6th chakra is a positive polarity in women and a receptive polarity. During this weekend we allow energy to ascend to the third eye, the house of pituitary and pineal gland. We feel a strong urge to meditate and go deeper into void. Our intuition guides us from this point onward which is no longer in duality of Mind AS we melt into the void where our soul gives birth to wisdom that revealed every aspect of life as divine

Key benefits of this workshop:

  • Regain your innocent capacity of intuition and imagination
  • Opening your psychic potential to heal yourself and others
  • Enter into the space of deep meditation and void
  • Brings clarity to your vision and life

7. Sahastratha

The Crown Center


The Sahastrartha is located at the crown of the head. This chakra is our source of enlightenment. Its our connection to higher self.

When out of Balance: Confused as to life purpose and meaning, cut off from source, feeling like an island in a hostile world.

In Balance: Merging into universal consciousness, an open conduit for the descent of grace, verticality is natural. Sexually, this chakra brings a feeling of being one with the lover on all levels, one with the whole universe and the discovery of the cosmic orgasm. The 7th chakra is beyond duality and therefore has no male-female polarity.

The 7th Chakra weekend is all about superconsciousness. Normally, people use a very small percentage of their brain capacity. When right and left sides of the brain merge, the mid brain goes through a sudden awakening, as all the ‘lights’ get switched on. This leads to the experience known as Mahamudra, the ultimate orgasm with the universe. Such experience takes us beyond duality into oneness with all that is. We move from personal love, into universal love.

Key benefits of this workshop:

  • Fully accepting yourself as spiritual being
  • Merging the energy of all chakras
  • learning the capacity of live life as a play rather a problem
  • A theater to let your inner guru/master comes out in a playful way
  • Embracing all spectrum of who you are
  • Merging of Male-female within you