Swami Anahata
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Anahata's Private Coaching


Meet Anahata in person or over Skype to receive personal guidance and support on the subject of Tantra, Sex, Love, and Relationships.



Private Coaching for Individuals

This guided private session is for those who are looking for a change in the way you are living your life up to now. It is for those ready to take full responsibility for their journey of healing into wholeness and want change now! 

Each session is conducted in absolute confidentiality, safe and sacred space.  This session supports you to discover answers to any questions you may have around sexuality, love, relationship and spirituality

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Private Coaching for Couples

Anahata believes that the relationship between man and woman is a rebirthing process in which two individuals give birth to each other.  Every relationship has its unique challenges and joy all pointing towards transformation. Perhaps your relationship or marriage is in a crisis. Or you don’t know how to reignite the fire of Sex. Or everything is OK and you long to take your relationship to a new level for the sheer pleasure and inspiration of it.

Anahata creates a joyful, nurturing environment where you’ll feel safe to explore a new insight into your relational issues. He’ll provide you tantric tools and techniques you can take with you and practice to resolve issues or enhance your relationship to enjoy fulfilling sex, greater depth of Intimacy and rising in Love again and again.

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Private Coaching for Men

Do you feel intimidating, discouraging, overwhelming, scary, boring or even pointless in the group of men? Do you feel a longing for reclaiming your masculinity and stop playing small to get what you need? Or you have become aware that you need to have a man as your friend who can listen to you so that you can unburden your heart from unexpressed feeling, thought, shame and guilt? If so then this session is for you

This session is about men supporting men in discovering his full potential as sexual, powerful, sensitive, authentic and openhearted men so that he can drop the mask and be real.

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