Swami Anahata

Divine Masculine Sacred Feminine


Experience union of your masculine and feminine energy 


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Experience the union of Masculine and Feminine

Men and women are magnetic forces designed to be attracted towards each other. In our modern society, our life style depolarises this attraction and defuses one of the greatest potential for spiritual transformation.

In Tantra we bring union of masculine and feminine as a portal to higher consciousness. This union in India is known as Ardhanarishavara. This meeting can only happen when we are rooted in our own gender first. The one that you are embodying.

Divine Masculine Sacred Feminine is a unique invitation to explore, enhance and magnetize your own gender first and from that empowered space; meeting the opposite.  Two and half days, men and women will be separate meditating, sharing, bonding and exploring ways in which they can support and empower each other. Last one and half days are designed to enjoy the dance of polarities through sacred rituals, tantric meditation, dance parties and much more…

The workshop is conducted in English. All Levels of Experience are welcome. We are aiming for a gender balance. Nudity and Sexual intercourse is not part of this workshop.

Singles and couples are welcome, couples can choose, if they want to do all mediations together.

What will happen in this workshop

First day we will start the workshop together exploring the masculine and feminine energies by tantric meditation. After that men and women will be separate for 2 days to strengthen your own gender to create magnetic attraction between men and women. Last day we will unit men and women in a tantric ceremony and then play of Yin and Yang can begin...


What women can expect?

What men can expect?

DIVINE MASCULINE is designed to guide you towards reclaiming your manhood and living your full potential as a man.

 You will learn how to cultivate and gain mastery over many conflicting aspects of the masculine identity: presence and human connection, sexual drive, power, ambition and vulnerability.

 Drawing on the ancient practices and teachings of Tantra, you will learn how to build and channel your sexual energy to experience a whole new dimension of love-making and orgasm.

 Join us, in an all-male environment, where roles and status have no importance, where we can share honestly and openly and express ourselves as the divine masculine that we were born to be.

SACRED FEMININE is designed for you to relax  into and reconnect with your true female essence.

In todays world many women either feel disconnected or depleted of their feminine qualities.Together in a circle with other women we will be exploring and awakening our feminine resources. Which are love residing in our heart, sensuality, creativity and totality residing in our womb and belly, our priestess nature, which we awaken in our third eye and our sacredness when we can love ourselves as divine beings as goddesses.

With various methods and transformative tantric teachings we will be able to heal ourselves discover the wisdom of being a woman, celebrate ourselves and each other and finally receive the masculine.





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Tanmaya offers Tantra for individuals and couples, sharing the joy of saying yes to oneself and to live life totally. Her way of teaching is full of heart and an invitation to blossom in bliss, love and meditation. She initially studied as an actress and singer before falling in love with Meditation and personal development in Osho Communities. She has studied extensively with Tantra master Ma Ananda Sarita and immersed herself in Osho Meditations. 
Tanmaya is teaching in both India and Europe. Her light and playful approach is balanced by her profound depth of experience in Meditation and personal development. With her deep passion for Tantra she invites her students to let go and experience the magic that can happen when we embrace who we are meant to be and open up to meditation and healing.
Currently she offers the Sex to Superconsciousness Training, Sensual Awakening Retreats, Empowered Woman Training, Empowered Woman Teachers Training, Soulmate Training and Tantra Dance events.

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Swami Anahata is a gifted, intuitive, passionate teacher of Tantra. He designs and delivers programs that guide people towards discovering and living their fullest potential.

 He has dedicated the past 20 years to his own growth and self-discovery through Tantra and other holistic practices. His current work fuses practical learning with spiritual practice and is firmly grounded in the teachings of Osho.

 Anahata blends Eastern mysticism and Western therapy in a way that makes his message universally accessible. His magnetic presence is compelling evidence of his ability to channel his own energy: physical, emotional and sexual, and is an inspiration to those who wish to become masters of their own. He inspires trust and his heightened awareness ignites a fire of awakening in his students. His programs are designed for individuals, couples or just men.