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Learn the Art of Sex, Love, and Intimacy

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Tantra Earth provides life transforming experiences, information, and education on how to amplify intimate relationships and Love through the sacred art of Tantra.


Swami Anahata created Tantra Earth to bring together a fusion of Eastern mysticism and Western scientific research. As a Tantra Master, his methods are simple, holistic, and truly unique to the world of Tantra.




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New to Tantra Earth?

We deliver a full spectrum of transformative workshops to explore, nurture, and harness each unique facet of Tantra. Start exploring here:


Sex to Super Consciousness


This workshop offers an experiential exploration of our chakra system. Understanding and opening each chakra is of paramount importance for any seekers traveling the path of Tantra.


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Awaken Masculinity


This is the time when we as men can come together and get out of fear, shame and guild around masculinity and discover true empowerment.


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Master Lover


This workshop provides in-depth experience of how to make love form an empowered space and harnessing your unique sexual gifts.


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Private Coaching

Meet Anahata in person or over Skype to receive personal guidance, support, and teachings on the subjects of Tantra, Sex, Love, and Relationships.