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Soulmate Training for Couples - Intimacy

With Anahata & Tanmaya

In English and Czech

This sublime seven level training for lovers is the only one of its kind in the world. It is designed to give couples time in-between groups to experiment with the varying methods offered in each level. These methods are taught in a sequential order, offering a refined process of deepening intimacy, heightening sensual ecstasy, expanding love and awakening consciousness.

The dynamics inside the group room include regular Tantra meditation sessions, various types of therapeutic exercises, massage, dance, sharing, celebration, emotional release, ritual and energy work. And every day, as part of the training, each couple goes to the privacy of their bedroom for experiential Tantra meditations which include sexual union. In addition to this, there is private counselling available if needed.

After completing each group lovers practice a series of meditations and can then choose whether to continue on to the next level. Each of the seven levels of the training is booked one at a time. The guideline is very simple, just follow your bliss!

Level- 1 Intimacy

This initiation supports you to deepen intimacy, purge stagnation from your relationship, open your heart to receptive, conscious communication, heal sexual dysfunction, and experience sacred sexuality.

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