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Awakened Masculinity Training - The Awakened Man

  • ZIva Voda czech republic (map)

This part of the training is designed to realize your potential as an awakened man. A man living the full rainbow of his capabilities is both powerful and vulnerable, open hearted, honest, transparent, intelligent, wild and playful. His actions and words are in absolute alignment. He admires and respects the feminine. He integrates his light and shadow side. He is a beacon of compassion, a profoundly poetic soul with breathtaking integrity.

An important step for men is to open the central channel from the sex center to the crown chakra, experiencing a meeting of Earth and Sky, Sex and Spirit, within.

You will be guided in tantric meditation, vision quest and rituals to open your crown chakra to universal consciousness. You will learn to trust in your inner guru and open to divine inner guidance.

This is where celebration of manhood is embodied. Men come together and nourish each other in our presence and power. We learn to fuel each other with playfulness and joy.

A new dawn has come. The True Man in all his nobility and grandeur is awakening.

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