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Tantra Retreat at Khajuraho

With Anahata & Sarita

Experience Sacred Rituals, Initiations, Meditations and Ceremonies at Khajuraho, one of the most powerful Tantra heritage sites in India. This Retreat is a rare opportunity to experience Tantra as a contemporary living transmission with deep roots in it’s ancient mystical origins.

An ancient city was built for the single purpose, to evolve by using Tantra methods.


“1000 years ago, Tantra was a tremendously alive phenomenon. Thousands of Tantrikas came to this city of temples from all over India and even from far away countries. Khajuraho has been the “Mecca” of the Tantric adepts.” (Swami Ganga)

In these Temples Tantra initiations and rituals under the guidance of ancient Tantra Masters took place.

Nowadays Khajuraho and it’s temples is a tourist attraction with thousands of visitors. The ancient secret rites and rituals seem to have faded and only the temples and statues bear witness of a different time, a time full of worship, devotion, dance, sacredness and meditation.

With the right meditative guidance and Osho`s wisdom shared through Sw. Ganga we are still able to see and connect to the splendour and grandeur of that time. Experience the vibrant reawakening of the sacred and the mysterious.

This Retreat is for people who are passionate about the spiritual roots of Tantra and would like to experience Tantra Transformation in all dimensions of their being. It is specifically for people who are already immersed in Meditation and personal development and who would like to discover a bridge between the ancient spiritual roots Tantra and the Tantra prevalent in today’s world.

This retreat is not suitable

for those persons who are seeking a cure for sexual trauma or sexual

dysfunction. It is not suitable for people who are not into meditation

or who have no experience of personal development.