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Sex to Superconsciousness in Thailand - Chakra 1 & 2

  • The Womb Temple Koh Pangang Thailand (map)

CHAKRA 1 & 2

A Sacred Tantra Journey with Prem Rasa and Swami Anahata

You are invited to join for this highly transformational and experiential week to discover, to heal, to understand, to unveil and to celebrate your TRUE NATURE as divine human being. A loving and caring environment is created by the facilitators and team of helpers for you to open up, to expand and rise into your full potential. 

Exploring, understanding and opening the chakra system is KEY to everyone travelling the PATH of Tantra – it is a GATEWAY to universal consciousness. When the chakra system is awakened to its fuller potential, we experience ECSTASY in everyday life, find flow in our creative expression and are empowered with free flowing communication and communion in relationships.
Tantra is a life approach, which integrates sexuality, emotions, the senses, love and consciousness. Prem Rasa and Swami Anahata use varoius tantric methods and meditations to support you on the journey from SEX to SPIRIT. “From Sex To Superconsciousness” is a term coined by Osho. 

This retreat is the first week of the 4-weeks journey stretched over 1-2 years. During each week, we explore two chakras, taking four weeks to complete the whole journey. 
This retreat is suitable for beginners and advanced tantric practitioners, single individuals and couples. You are not obliged to attend the chakra retreats in any particular order nor you have to take part in all retreats. Whenever you have completed four retreats, you will receive a certificate. 

THIS RETREAT IS FOR YOU if you are intersted in:
:: Tantra
:: Meditation
:: Personal growth
:: Recognizing and fulfilling your potential
:: Growing into harmonious relationships
:: Explore Feminine and Masculine magnetic Polarities
:: Meet beautiful Souls from around the world

We offer Tantric practices and individual/partner/group exercises, which include:
:: Tantric Meditations
:: Dance Structures
:: Tantric Massage
:: Emotional Work
:: Tantric Breath
:: Partner Exercises
:: Sharings, Q&A
:: Guided Journeys
:: Tantric Sacred Rituals

We offer activities outside our venue:
:: Excursion to the stunning Waterfall
:: Heavenly Love Garden
:: Steam Sauna under the Stars
:: Relaxing Beach Time
:: Suprises!

In this retreat we focus on the Root and Sacral Chakra. 

During the first 3 days we unveil the power of our original life force energy. When we are able to live the first chakra with awareness, the huge potential which is inherent in sexual energy opens us up to passionate ecstasy, to freedom of expression, spontaneity, and Kundalini awakening. Once freed, this energy is the fuel for sexual fulfillment and for spiritual awakening. Life becomes a celebration!
:: when this chakra is out of balance we experience: greed, sex addiction, jealousy, no libido
:: In balance we experience: ecstatic pleasure in sex and a feeling of being rooted, secure, trusting, with a strong life force.

On the following 3 days we open up emotional fluidity. When emotions are understood and accepted in all their variations, Kundalini energy begins its ascent. The second chakra is connected to both birth and death, and the human response to these tends to be fear. By facing the portals of birth and death in deep acceptance, we learn to be fluid and open to change and transformation.
:: The navel is where you receive life from your mother in the womb. After birth, it is still an energetic link to the universal womb.
:: When out of balance we experience: depression, hysteria.
:: In balance: joy and laughter; emotional fluidity, centeredness and sexually, a sense of deep connection and profound orgasm.

SAMPLE SCHEDULE (may vary on some days)
:: 8:00 – 9:30 am Morning Active Meditation
:: 9.30 – 11.00 am Breakfast
:: 11.00 –1.30 pm Morning Session
:: 1.30 – 3.30 pm Lunch
:: 3:30 – 6.00 pm Afternoon Session
:: 6.00 – 8.00 pm Dinner
:: 8.00 – 9.30 pm Good Night Session

:: January 11th 10.00 am
:: 3 - 4 sessions per day
:: January 16th 6.00 pm

:: Water Bottle
:: Paper and Pen
:: Comfortable Clothes
:: No Parfumes
:: Dance Outfit
:: Men Black Outfit for a Ritual
:: Women Red Dress for a Ritual
:: Shiva Outfit for men*
:: Shakti Outfit for women*

* Shiva/Shakti ( SHIVA symbolizes consciousness, the masculine principle. SHAKTI symbolizes the feminine principle, the activating power and energy.

:: ARRIVAL :: 
Nearest airports: Koh Samui Airport and Surat Thani Airport. 
From abroad you can book cheaper flights to Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur and from there book flight to one of those airports. Travelling in Thailand is easy and well organised. It is advisable to arrive few days earlier and adjust to the climate. After the retreat please take some time to integrate all the shifts in your body, mind and consciousness. 

Our venue is in the center of Srithanu, near the popular Agama School. It is new beautiful sanctuary in the tropical jungle, secluded, though central, called Pranayama Garden. We will have all delicious vegetarian food served in the beautiful Love Garden. 

This is a NON-RESIDENTIAL retreat, you will have to organize your OWN ACCOMODATION which suits your taste and budget. 
You will organize your own transport, motorbike rentals are many. We recommend you to stay in Sritanu or close by. We can provide you a list with range of accommodation possibilities. Please message 
Please along your registration, book quickly your accommodation too – January is the highest season and it has to be booked far in advance. 

Singles and couples are welcome, couples can choose, if they want to do meditations together. We do not include sexual union as part of the singles retreats structures.
Same number of men and women is important, because we work with male/female polarities. No prior tantric experience is needed, it is great if you can bring a partner, if not, you still can apply and we will make sure that we have gender balance.

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: 


– until November 21th (limited to 8 spots)
Singles 490 EUR
Couples 890 EUR
Singles for both retreats 890 EUR (January and March retreat)

– until December 11th (limited to 8 spots)
ingles 540 EUR
Couples 990 EUR
Singles for both retreats 990 EUR (January and March retreat)

– after December 11th
ingles 640 EUR
Couples 1190 EUR
Singles for both retreats 1190 EUR (January and March retreat)

DEPOSIT 190 EUR pp - nonrefundable to secure your place, can be made by transferwise or PayPal, or cash if you are on the island. 

2 SCHOLARSHIPS – 2 discounted spots for the local community, please email us and write why would you like to participate in this retreat. 


For More info and Booking: