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The Creator - Module 3

Awakening Masculinity Training: a series of powerful workshops to guide you towards reclaiming your manhood and living your full potential as a man.
You will learn how to cultivate and gain mastery over the many conflicting aspects of the masculine identity: presence and human connection, sexual drive, power, ambition and vulnerability.
Drawing on the ancient practices and teachings of Tantra, you will learn how to build and channel your sexual energy to experience a whole new dimension of love-making and orgasm.
Join us, in an all-male environment, where roles and status have no importance, where we can share honestly and openly and express ourselves as the divine masculine creatures that we were born to be.

Module 3 - The Creator

Knowing your soul calling you become the creator. This third module is dedicated to make you a master craftsman who’s purpose in this life is to channel his energy to serve Truth, Beauty and godliness. He becomes the conduit through God is manifesting. His every action is inspired to create paradise on Earth.

As we are working on the Father Principal seated in our throat chakra, we will be exploring our connection to our voice and opening to free expression of our Truth as it is. Liberation of our voice and learning how to communicate from an empowered space.

We will be exploring the ancient meditation and rituals from Egypt and India to create abundance in every aspect of your life. Using this energy to creativity and manifesting our dreams into reality.


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