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Eastern Mysticism Meets
Western Science

 Anahata’s teachings fuse Eastern mysticism and Western scientific research on the subjects of Sex, Love and Relationship.



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Raw & Wild Childhood

I was born in a village in India without television, cars, or any gadgets. My mother was uneducated and my father left me when I was seven. I was essentially nurtured by nature. This upbringing formed me into a raw, wild, and sensitive child.


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Life in the Corporate World

After completing my education, I spent the next 12 years working as an IT expert in several top companies. However, despite my outward image of success, I felt my life was meaningless. I weighed 86 kg and was depressed. I finally left corporate life and began my search for love and meaning.

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Birth of Osho Sannysin

Through my searching, I found my Master, Osho, in Pune, India, and became a Sannyasin (one who is not attached to the past). I lived in Osho’s community for 8 years with people of more than 120 nationalities. These years were like a rebirth for me. It was as if, each day, I was creating myself in a new reality as the old one no longer fit with my core desires.



The Tantra Teacher

I left everything and devoted the next 10 years of my life to absorbing the essence of Tantra. My deep surrender to this path inspired others and attracted people who wished to learn. Responding to this, I began to teach.

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I am teaching Tantra for Men, Couples, and Singles in Europe and Asia. I am passionate around the subject of Masculinity and its place in modern society. Therefore, I have crafted a four-part training for men to awaken their full potential as man.


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My vision of doing men’s work is to bring masculine energy back home. Ever since man first went to war, he never quite came back. The wars may be over, but his energies are still fighting invisible enemies in the name of survival.

Even highly successful men, if they have a little sensitivity, find themselves feeling as frustrated as those who repeatedly fail in life. So is it not about time to ask yourself this question, what is my true purpose in this life?


The one that beckons from your innermost heart and that you can only hear when there is silence and stillness.


My Practice

A fusion of Eastern mysticism and Western scientific research on the subject of Sex, Love and Relationship.

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My workshops are designed in such a way as to begin with an invitation to create a grounding in presence through meditation. And when a foundation in that has been established, we move on to the awakening of sexual energy.

Once the sexual energy is alert and fully flowing throughout the body, it becomes distilled into pure energy and ceases to be sexual as such. Now, in the way the same fuel can illuminate lamps or drive air conditioners, this pure energy is available for however you wish to direct it.


It is then that you will start feeling ecstasy in your ordinary day-to-day life.


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