Swami Anahata

Uniting Sex,
Love & Spirit.

Simple, holistic, and playful teachings to unlock the secrets of Tantra.

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Swami Anahata provides life transforming experiences, information, and education on how to nurture deeper relationships and self-fulfillment through the sacred art of Tantra.


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Anahata has dedicated his life to uniting Eastern mysticism and Western scientific research into a revolutionary new practice of Tantra.

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As a Tantra Teacher, Anahata’s methods are simple, holistic, and playful - unlocking new human potentials that are unique to the world of Tantra.



The New Ebook

Transform your relationship to an ever-evolving spiritual path by understanding Tantric secrets hidden in our energy.



Private Coaching with
Swami Anahat

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Meet Anahata in person or over Skype to receive personal guidance, support, and teachings on the subjects of Tantra, Sex, Love, and Relationships.



Awakened Masculinity

Anahata’s most popular workshop is back. This is the time when we as men can come together and get out of fear, shame and guilt around masculinity and discover true empowerment.

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Upcoming Workshops with Anahata